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Alvin Brown & Associates

Alvin Brown & Associates handles civil and criminal issues involving the IRS.

Members of Alvin Brown & Associates are advocates in representing taxpayers before the IRS. This advocacy entails using the Internal Revenue Code, IRS administrative manuals, tax regulations, published IRS positions, and tax legislative history to support oral arguments. Many tax issues depend on State law, so the firm makes it a priority to research and use State law as needed.

Alvin Brown & Associates handles civil and criminal issues involving the IRS. Clients include taxpayers in all 50 states, US persons working abroad in a number of foreign countries, and non-resident aliens who have US businesses. The firm works to keep taxpayers from overpaying their tax liabilities by offering help with:

  • Offer in Compromise, including effective IRS Offer in Compromise Settlements
  • Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Negotiating Installment Agreements and Payment Plans
  • Payroll Tax Help
  • Penalty and Interest Abatement
  • Removal of IRS Tax Levies, Bank and Wage Garnishments
  • Representation for Civil and Criminal Fraud Audit Examinations
  • Tax Relief for Back Taxes, Unfiled Tax Returns, and IRS Tax Debt
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Relief

The specialized IRS tax practice also gives advice and assistance to a wide range of professionals. Alvin Brown & Associates has worked with accountants, CPAs, enrolled agents, and other attorneys who lack the necessary technical expertise and insight into IRS procedures and practices.

For references, reach out to:

  • IRS, Office of the Chief Counsel – IRS Signature Authority
  • Better Business Bureau
  • United States Court of Military Appeals
  • United States Tax Court
  • District of Columbia Bar Association (and other related courts)
  • California Bar Association (and other related courts)

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